About Us

The MG2 Cricket brand was launched in 2007 in New Zealand by husband & wife team Marty & Megan Graham. Then in 2014 through a joint venture with Alastair Burton the brand was launched in the UK and Ireland.

Alastair is a businessman who is also a keen sportsman with a particular passion for cricket. He is heavily involved with local cricket in Northern Ireland at both club and provincial level. He was introduced to the MG2 brand by a New Zealand professional who played at his local club and quickly realised that this was top quality gear. Having ordered several items for personal use from Marty & Megan in New Zealand and built a good relationship he realised that there was an opportunity to launch a new and exciting brand of cricket equipment in the UK & Ireland.

Megan played representative cricket for over 25 years for Hawkes Bay from 1979 until 2005. She also played first class cricket for 18 years for the Central Districts Women’s team. Since her retirement from representative cricket she was still involved for a season as Manageress for the Central Districts Hinds and remains a firm supporter and follower of all womens cricket and football.

Marty, somewhat inevitably and by default, was also involved in women's representative cricket on a coaching and management basis for many years. His specific knowledge is on cricket equipment; bats in particular, having operated a workshop in his garage doing repairs for over 15 years now and he specifically likes to keep up to date with changes in technology in the market place comparing and analysing bats and equipment from season to season. He is well known and acknowledged by many first class and international players as being a world-class bat maker and his background knowledge and experience in cricket is a great advantage in his personal dealings with these players.